Wine Tasting for July 13, 2017

by Jonathan Gaby on July 13, 2017

Well, the weather outside our shop as of this posting is beautiful. There is a light breeze, it’s not too hot, (not too cold either) and the sun is shining brightly in our cellar shop!

Wine tasting - Elk Creek Riesling - Owenton, KY Smith-Berry Chardonnay - New Castle, KY Forest Edge Merlot - Shepardsville, KY Equus Run Mosaic - Midway, KY

And the sun shining brightly makes every Kentuckian start to hum “My Old Kentucky Home”. Come on, we know you were thinking that! Today we choose to taste wines from our very own commonwealth. Many of the wines we will taste are from wineries within driving distance!

Elk Creek Riesling – Owenton, KY
“Elk Creek’s Kentucky Blue Riesling is light, crisp, slightly sweet, well balanced wine. Aromatic and pretty, its light delicacy offers up plenty of flavor with sweet apricot, white peach, honeysuckle, apples and flowers mingling in complex waves. It is low in alcohol with acidity that thoroughly cleanses the palate and finishes with a honeyed richness that lasts a long time.  This wine’s pure fruit, floral aromas and flavors create a delicious pairing for a nice salad or a spicy Asian dish.” – Elk Creek Winery
Smith-Berry Chardonnay – New Castle, KY
“This full-bodied oaked Chardonnay spends 12-14 months in both French & American Oak giving it a buttery mouth feel.  With tasting notes of vanilla, melon and apricot.  The finish is creamy with enough acidity to keep it bright.” – Smith-Berry Winery
Forest Edge Merlot – Shepherdsville, KY
“The medium bodied red is very smooth on the palate. Aged 12 months in Kentucky white oak barrels, it has aromas of ripe plum, red currant, and red cherry with a hint of black pepper. Pair with a bold entree like steak, lamb chops, or pizza and chocolate for dessert.” – Forest Edge Winery
Equus Run Mosaic – Midway, KY
“A sweet table red full of lush and juicy fruit flavors it is enjoyable because of its simplicity and its sweetness makes it very easy to drink. It is a blend of five varietals, enjoyed chilled or as a mixer for fruity sangria.” – Equus Run Vineyards
Don’t Forget!
Capital Cellars Farmers Market BrunchThis Saturday, July 15th, 2017 we are hosting our next Capital Cellars Farmers Market Brunch. We have sourced all our ingredients from local farmers from the Franklin County Farmers Market making this weekend’s offerings truly local!
More information is here on our post. Members of our Cru-Club will receive 20% off all brunch items.  If membership is something you’d like to explore, contact us for more information.

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