Whiskey Wednesday – July 5 2017

by Jonathan Gaby on July 5, 2017

We hope that you have enjoyed your July 4th festivities yesterday. Our owner, Rachael Peake, ran in the Buffalo Trace 5k Tuesday morning and our staff enjoyed the day off.

Whiskey Wednesday 07-05-2017 - EH Taylor Small Batch, Russell Reserve 10 year Small Batch, Elijah Craig Small Batch, 1792 Small Batch

Now that it’s Wednesday, we want to post about our Whiskey Wednesday selection for July 5, 2017.

This Wednesday we have selected all small batch bourbons for our featured flight.

Small Batch Bourbons

  • EH Taylor Small Batch
  • Russel Reserve 10 yr Small Batch
  • Elijah Craig Small Batch
  • 1792 Small Batch

About Small Batch Bourbons

In the event that the master blender finds at his disposal several barrels of exceptional bourbon, he can use his discretion to mix content of all or some of these barrels to create perfectly crafted “small-batch” bourbon. This is a standard practice followed by many distilleries including Jim Beam whose popular “small-batch” bourbons include Baker’s, Booker’s, Knob Creek and Basil Hayden.  As a result of the blend, the outcome is an essentially unique beverage that boasts its own distinct personality.

Essentially, when bourbon from several barrels are ‘married’ together on the basis of their ability to complement each other, the product of the union is small-batch bourbon. Another interesting point in the case of small-batch bourbons is the numbers of parent bourbons, which might vary from a minimum of two to a maximum of 80 or more as per the imagination of the master-blender.

Some distilleries label their bottled bourbon with details such as batch number, date of bottling, and number of barrels used in order to help customers comprehend the difference and eventually make an educated choice. It is the batch number that is usually assigned to a particular batch of bourbon to distinguish it from the product of another set of barrels. As a visitor or customer you can use this information to find whether the bourbon in question is a virgin, meaning single-barrel, or a hybrid, meaning small-batch.

But if you are a bourbon lover who is out on a night of experimenting, try both single barrel and small batch bourbon to make your own determination as to which one is best!

If Whiskey isn’t your thing, we will have buy 1 get 1 50% glasses of wine and no restaurant fee on wine bottles from 5-8pm.

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