Whiskey Wednesday – Flavored Whiskeys

by Jonathan Gaby on November 1, 2017

Yesterday was Halloween and by now hopefully you’ve sorted through your children’s candy and “checked it for appropriateness” and maybe even flat out stole your favorite candies from your kids. We’re sure you did!

Whiskey Wednesday Flavored Whiskeys: Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey (60 Proof) Jefferson's The Esquire Manhattan Barrel Finished Cocktail (68 Proof) Bird Dog Chocolate Flavored Whisky (80 Proof) MBR Kentucky Pink Lemonade (45 proof)

Now that the festivities are over and you’re now in full swing in candy consumption we’d like to highlight some interesting flavored bourbons for Whiskey Wednesday from 5-8pm (November 1, 2017). And, for you wine drinkers out there, come out and enjoy buy-one-get-one half off of our wines by the glass. And no restaurant fee on bottles of wine!

Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey (60 Proof)
“This distinctive whiskey and chocolate pairings compliment and elevate any occasion. Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey is deliciously smooth, with rich flavors of chocolate fudge mingling with the oak and vanilla undertones of the whiskey.” – Saloon Spirits in Louisville Kentucky

Jefferson’s The Esquire Manhattan Barrel Finished Cocktail (68 Proof)
“The Esquire Manhattan is made with superior Jefferson’s bourbon and a combination of the finest sweet and dry vermouth and barreled bitters and is finished in the original Jefferson’s bourbon barrels in the hills of Kentucky. It’s complex character reflect the great care taken in the selection and finishing process. It is simply a delicious Manhattan, and it doesn’t require and labor or equipment. Just enjoy it as you would any Manhattan: on the rocks, or stirred over ice and served up. Add a cherry or an orange peel, if you like.” – Jefferson’s Bourbon from Louisville, Kentucky

Bird Dog Chocolate Flavored Whisky (80 Proof)
“Bird Dog Chocolate Flavored Whiskey exudes a luscious, rich milk chocolate scent, perfect straight up, on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail. Golden Amber in color and a nose of rich chocolate scents with the hint of bourbon. Smooth, velvety chocolate flavors infuse with natural bourbon notes of vanilla and caramel. Finishes light chocolate with a touch of cocoa.” – Bird Dog Whiskey from Bowling Green Kentucky

MBR Kentucky Pink Lemonade (45 proof)
“The coveted recipe for this fine spirit is crafted with the natural flavors of lemons, strawberries, and cane sugar blended with our always authentic true Kentucky Shine.” – MBR Distillery in Pembroke Kentucky

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