Whiskey Wednesday: Big Bang Bourbons!

by Jonathan Gaby on June 28, 2017

We don’t know if Sheldon is a bourbon drinker or not, but we do know that we have plenty of customers that are bourbon fanatics, aficionados, and love bourbons of all kinds.

Whiskey Wednesday Bourbons Bulleit Barrel Strength, Noahs Mill, Old Medley Barrel Strength, Buffalo Trace Stagg Jr.

This Wednesday, we are featuring, big bang, barrel strength bourbons for your enjoyment. These bourbons have not been cut with anything to weaken the proof or potency of the beverage. These four bourbons will make up the flight for around $20.00

Bourbons Selected:

  • Stagg, Jr
  • Noah’s Mill
  • Bulleit Barrel Strength
  • Medley Family Barrel Strength

For the wine drinkers we have available wines by the glass (buy one get one half off) and no restaurant fee from 5-8 on any bottle in the store!

Come enjoy our selection of bourbon!


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