Cru Club

Love wine?  Like surprises?

Our Cru Club is the best way in Frankfort to enjoy exceptional quality wines and expand your palate with hard to find wine that other stores don’t carry. All of our wines have great ratings and reviews and are tasted ahead of time so that we know we are bringing the best wine that we can possibly find to our members.

How the club works:

Members start by selecting one of three options:

  1. White wine only (you’ll receive two bottles of hand selected White wine)
  2. Red wine only (you’ll receive two bottles of hand selected Red wine)
  3. Red and White (you’ll receive one bottle of Red and White wine)

Every month afterward you’ll receive the same selection. You aren’t locked in though, because at anytime you can switch your next month’s selection just by letting us know.

Member Benefits:

Membership in the Cru-Club isn’t just about getting great wine every month. There are perks to being a member!

  1. $35 worth of wine each month
  2. Discounts on additional purchases of Cru-club wines (past and present)
  3. Discounts on paid tastings, wine dinners, and seminars
  4. Exclusive wine tastings twice a year in the store


Members are charged $30 through automatic bank draft every month. That’s it!

Ready to Sign Up?

Fill out the following form. When we receive your application we will contact you to arrange payment, whether a credit card or bringing in a cancelled check for draft purposes.

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Fine Print:

We agree with you:

  • Wines aren’t found anywhere else in Frankfort
  • The wines are not sold on our shelves
  • Shelf price of both bottles of wine averages $35 or more

Your agreement with us:

  • You keep us informed of changes in your banking information
  • If you want to cancel your membership, you’ll give us 30 days notice