Get Stir Krazy on Friday at Capital Cellars!

by Jonathan Gaby on August 3, 2017

The summer is winding down with children going back to school and the climate getting a little cooler, but not much! Are you ready for the weekend? Perhaps you might be going to shop around during the 127 Yard Sale? We are getting ready for another exciting weekend downtown with a concert coming up on Friday!

Get Stir Krazy at Capital Cellars


Stir Krazy Lights up the Downtown Skyline!

Tonight, the United Bank Concert Series features Stir Krazy. Stir Krazy is a dance band based in Frankfort. They say, “The Stir Krazy band originates from central Kentucky, and has what it takes to entertain any size crowd! The experienced musicians that make up this band have been honing their skills for a lifetime. The entertainment experience that you will have will have you asking for more…but most importantly have you on the dance floor till you can’t dance no more!”

Who is Stir Krazy? Stir Krazy includes:

  • Tim Riggs, Lead Vocals
  • “J” Hamon, Bass, Vocals
  • Marty Young, Keyboards
  • Rob Peters, Guitars, Vocals
  • John Brown (White Chocolate Thunder), Drums, Vocals

You can find out more about them by going to their website. The concert starts at 7:00PM on the steps of the Old Capital!

Wine Tasting

As always, we are going to have our wine tasting. We have some great wines picked out but I can’t share them with you yet. It’s a bit of a surprise. Will you have tasted them before? The only way to know for sure is to come out and see us on Friday!

Food and Fun

What goes great with a downtown concert? Of course, a nice juicy burger from the grill, or a plump brat boiled in beer and onions and then cooked on the grill. And what goes well with a burger or brat?

Beer! And we have a wide variety of micro breweries to select from as per the usual.

Come on down and have fun, some food, and see your friends on Friday!


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