New Year’s Resolution Part 2.1 – January 12, 2016

by Jonathan Gaby on January 12, 2017

Continuing our New Years Resolution Theme we have our next resolution! Clearly, our resolution is centered around wine, so…

At Capital Cellars, we resolve to continue educating you about great wines!

And to do so we are going to taste wines from different regions and quiz you on where our selection comes from.

Will you be able to tell the region from where the wine was made?

Will you be able to answer the question, what varietal is this?

Make sure that you come to our wine tasting on Thursday, January 12, 2016 from 4-7PM at Capital Cellars in Frankfort Kentucky!

Wine Classes Forming Soon

Why is continuing your wine education so exciting? The answer is simple! You get to drink more wine!

Rachael Peake and Capital Cellars will host our spring wine education classes at Capital Cellars, beginning on January 23.

For more information, please click the image below!

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