A Solar Eclipse Wine Tasting – Aug 17th

by Jonathan Gaby on August 17, 2017

A total solar eclipse is a rare cosmic event where the moon passes in front of the sun in orbit. This year, and on August 21st the Solar Eclipse will occur.

Solar Eclipse Wine Tasting: Firesteed Pinot Gris - Oregon, Horseshoe Bend White Jester (White Blend) - KY, Elk Creek Merlot - KY, Duplin Scuppernong NC

In Kentucky, it’s said that Hopkinsville will be a prime location to view the Solar Eclipse and even we’re said to be able to see the eclipse as well. In fact, astronomers and meteorologists alike have plotted the course of the best viewing spot and many states on the route are prime wine producing states.

We here at Capital Cellars think it would be a great time tonight to taste wines that are from those states!

Firesteed Pinot Gris – Oregon
“The 2014 Firesteed Piot Gris’ Pear blossom and Crenshaw melon aromas meld with flavors of tropical fruit and citrus. ¬†Mouthwatering and enticing, its bright acidity and broad texture entwine throughout the wine’s lingering finish.” – Firesteed Cellars

Horseshoe Bend White Jester (White Blend) – KY
“The ultimate sunny day porch sipper. Nice floral notes, light acidity, and a lemon/lime lemonade zest to it.” – Horseshoe Bend Wines

Elk Creek Merlot – KY
“Aged in 100% French oak for 24 months, our Elk Creek Merlot has a dark, ruby purple color, aroma of warm chocolate, taste of rich plum, and layers of both vanilla and spice. Medium bodied and low tannins.” – Elk Creek Wines

Duplin Scuppernong – NC
“This most famous variety of Vitis Rotundifolia is the oldest wine made in America. No southern dinner would have been complete without this delicious sweet wine.” – Duplin Winery

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